About Us

About Us

Our History

The history of this congregation began in the early 1900's and the original building was located across from The Medical Center on the corner of Third and Park Street in Bowling Green, KY. Before that building, the congregation met in the homes of some of the members. The sisters decided to began to collect concrete blocks donating them to the church, and a few years later, the foundation of the building was laid. These sisters were seeking to worship in spirit and in truth, and truly displayed the proverbs 31 women.   From there, generations after generations have come and gone through over the many years. 

In the late 60's, Brother F.O. White preached for the congregation for about two years. In that two years, he labored and got the church on sound doctrine. In the late 70's, a preacher from Topkinsville, KY by the name of Clyde Crawford, preached for the congregation for ten years. At this time, Brother Crawford really help guide the congregation into more sound doctrine, teaching and preaching, book, verse, and chapter. After brother Crawford, the Church went into a state of not having a preacher, and would get different preachers our of Nashville, Tn that would preach for the congregation on Sundays. This led into the church drifting back into doing things that were not scriptural. Brother Crawford came and held a Gospel Meeting, and informed the church of some of the non-scriptural things that they were doing, and really helped the brethren gain the concept of bible authority. Throughout the 80's Brother Larry McDonald, preached for the congregation. During this time, the church really saw a growth in numbers, and began to have consistency in men and women working in the Kingdom. Around 1997, Brother McDonald married, and moved away.  Then, in 1996, Brother Larry Woods, began to preach for the congregation, and is the current preacher. 

Larry Woods preached his first gospel sermon at the congregation at the age of twelve, and would act as the fill in preacher for Brother Larry McDonald. When Larry McDonald moved away, Larry Woods began to preach for the congregation every Sundays. Larry Woods was dedicated to the work of the church, and not only did he stand in the pulpit Sunday after Sunday, he would constantly try to upkeep and maintain the building, as it started to deteriorate. Sometimes, due to lack of enough men, he would have to paint those old concrete blocks that the women had worked so hard to collect, by himself, along with working his secular Monday-Friday job, and raising a family. This truly is an example of the men that we can read about who lived by faith in Hebrews 11: 1-31. 

In the early 2000's, there was a decline in membership due to some of the elderly sisters and brother's dying out, and some members who moved away. This left the congregation with Brother Larry and his family, and two other families, with a weekly membership count of around six. At one time, there was just only him and one other Brother, who was elderly and was only able to help with teaching bible classes. But Larry, a man after God's heart, did not get discouraged, and allowed God to give him the strength to try and uphold not only the spiritual well being of the congregation, but the physical building as well. 

In 2013, the congregation was left to make a decision to try and upkeep the building, or to sell the building and relocate. All sorts of avenues were searched, even looking into grants, but God did not offer a solution this way. Instead after nine months of searching and looking, God provided the congregation with just what it needed, and the church relocated to a small building North of the City in the country. 

Currently the members of Northside Church of Christ, are working on evangelizing in the community to grow and continue to teach and save the lost. The Bible teaches that those who win souls are wise. Proverbs 11:30. And the members goal at Northside, is to not necessarily focus on the number of people they can fill their building up with, but to simply win souls and to help others live a happy, fulfilling life, that pleases God!